Terms and Conditions

Loopy Lyn's Terms and Conditions

Ordering and Payment

  • Orders are accepted via email, facebook or phone 

  • Lyn will help you through the ordering process by taking all information given and any design concepts, portions required and budget information etc to provide you with a complete quote and where required a rough sketch of your finished cake design

  • When you are ready to order, we will take an email address and write you an invoice. Within this will be all the details of your order and details with regards to payment due date(s) and payment details

  • Payment for cakes can be made via Bank Transfer or Cash (preferred) or alternatively via Paypal

  • To secure a date for your wedding, a non-refundable deposit of £100 is required

  • Each order is made up of a non-refundable 50% deposit 

  • Prices are liable to change at any time, these do not affect orders already placed

  • Once you have accepted all information given to you with regards to date, design, portions, any dietary requirements and cost the order is then placed and all information will be held to complete your order. Any changes to your order after this will be at the discretion of Lyn and this may result in an additional charge being made. Lyn reserves the right to make minor adjustments to the final design should she feel it necessary to achieve a perfect cake and best complete the design, of which may be made without being communicated to you

  • When completing orders to swatches for colour or texture, Lyn will endeavour to match these as closely as possible. It is not always achievable to recreate an exact match based on the limitations of the materials used


  • All allergies to ingredients need to be stated before completion of your order, and as soon as possible. Alternative ingredients may need to be sourced, and this may affect your quote

  • All standard cakes made at Loopy Lyn's contain Wheat (Gluten), Butter (Milk), Eggs and Soya Lecithins. 

  • Loopy Lyn's kitchen uses products containing allergens and although can make Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Nut Free Cakes, please be aware Lyn cannot guarantee that there may be trace elements of these Ingredients in any of our products

  • Loopy Lyn's does not accept any liability for allergic reactions suffered from consuming one of our cakes

  • If you have guests at your event whom have allergy requirements, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are notified of the allergens in the cake before you serve 

Cake Stands, Cupcake Stands and other lent equipment

  • Any equipment hired from Loopy Lyn's is at the risk of the client. A deposit of £50 (or higher on line with the cost of the item) will be taken and held until the item is safely returned. 

  • Normal hire periods are for 3/4 days depending on your event date

  • If the item is returned damaged, the deposit will not be returned

  • If the item is not returned, the deposit will not be returned

  • Payment of deposit will be deemed as you have accepted these terms and are happy to hire out the item(s)


Cake Collections 

  • When collecting a cake, please ensure that you have adequate flat space in your vehicle. I recommend ALL cakes to be placed in the boot of your car, on a 100% level surface

  • Cakes are NOT to be placed on a chair as this may cause irreparable damage to your cake

  • Cakes need to be placed on a non-slip mat or a towel to avoid slipping

  • All collected cakes are the responsibility of the client as soon as they have left Loopy Lyn's premises

  • Once your cake has been inspected by yourself and deemed acceptable, Loopy Lyn's will not be held responsible for any damage caused to your cake

  • All cakes that leave Loopy Lyn's are fit for travelling and have had the necessary support worked into the design, therefore any damage will be as a result of not taking due care for your cake whilst in transit

  • Any cake that is damaged needs to be reported to Loopy Lyn's as soon as the damage has occurred to have any chance of being able to repair

  • Repairs to cakes may not be possible, however Lyn will endeavour to repair any cake and this will be subject to a call out charge of £30 within 5 mile radius and 45p per mile round trip thereafter as well as £15 per hour - to be agreed and payment received before Lyn is able to assist. Once this cost has been agreed it is non-refundable

  • In warmer weather, it is advised that you travel with the air conditioning on or you have windows open enough to give a cool breeze into the car

  • Cakes do not need to be refrigerated unless specified. If you prefer your cake cold please be aware to cover with cling film to ensure cake does not dry out in the fridge. Cake designs containing fondant will 'sweat' in the fridge and it is not advised to fridge fondant cakes or cupcakes. 

Cake Deliveries

  • All cake deliveries must be confirmed with Lyn at the time of order as these will be subject to availability

  • A complete address must be provided , as well as any special directions to enable me to find your address for delivery

  • Delivery is charged at £5 within a 5 mile radius for celebration cake and cupcake deliveries and 45p per mile thereafter

  • Wedding cake, this will be charged at £25 as a complete set up and delivery service for venues within the first 15 miles, and 45p per mile, round trip after this

  • Please ensure that you are at home / the address given at the agreed time for delivery as failure to deliver will result in this charge being re-applied or alternatively you may need to then collect your cake

Eating and Storing Your Cake

  • All cakes at Loopy Lyn's are baked fresh to order and therefore are baked absolutely as late towards your due date as possible to ensure perfection

  • I use fresh, high quality ingredients and all cakes are to be stored in a cool, dry place unless otherwise stated (Cream Cheese Cakes will need to be refrigerated)

  • Cakes can be stored in the boxes provided - please use cling film (or similar) to wrap any 'cut' area of cake. If your cake is covered in fondant or ganache, this will help to ensure the cake's freshness is extended too

  • If you prefer your cakes chilled, please transfer to an airtight container and keep in the fridge. Buttercream / Ganache will set harder and fondant is likely to take on moisture - decorations may be affected.

  • Any non - edible decorative work will be notified to you on the cake box as well as verbally at the time of collection or delivery. Please remove non-edible decorations before serving. We hold no responsibility for injury or choking due to negligence on your part, not removing these before consumption

  • A cutting guide is available on my Portions and Prices page and this will help in ensuring all your guests are catered for (free printed copy available by request with every paid order taken)

Cancellations or Complaints

  • Lyn strives to provide absolute perfection and offers a high-quality, bespoke service. Lyn has built her business on Word of Mouth and excellent reviews.

  • In the very unlikely case that you are not happy and wish to complain please contact by phone or email

  • Once you have agreed to your order and placed a non-returnable deposit of 50% or £100 for weddings, you have agreed that this deposit will not be returned in the event of a cancellation

  • Deposits are not transferrable unless in exceptional circumstances such as Lyn being unable to full your order and this is at the discretion of Lyn

  • Cancellations received with 28 days or more notice will be entitled to 50% of any monies paid to be returned less the cost of ordering any supplies, materials and special equipment 

  • Orders with less than 28 day's notice are subject to 100% cancellation charges and are non-refundable due to securing this date for you, ordering in supplies and materials and in some cases, starting decoration work

  • Any issues with your cake(s) must be reported to Lyn within 1 hour of collection or delivery and must be accompanied with multiple photos from each angle as well as a written explanation

  • All cakes leave Loopy Lyn's in perfect, high quality condition, however should you have any feedback or complaints, please return the cake immediately (normally within 1 day of your event)and an inspection and investigation into your complaint will be made

  • We will not be responsible to return any sum of payment in excess of the cost of the actual cake. We do not offer further compensation

Wedding Orders

  • £100 non-refundable deposits are necessary for all Wedding Orders and payment is to be made at the latest, 1 month before your wedding date

  • Any amendments to your final agreed cake design are subject to a fee of £25 as well as any additional cost to enable the new design

  • Wedding Delivery and Set Up is a service which Lyn provides to ensure that your Wedding Cake gets to it's destination in perfect condition. Lyn will liaise with your venue to ensure a mutually convenient time to deliver your cake in line with any other suppliers. 

  • If you have a florist arranging your fresh flowers, please ensure that they are aware of the design in good time and providing them with your cake sketch will help with this. If your cake needs fresh flowers to be arranged, you will need to ensure that the florist's details are given to Lyn to enable her to liaise with your supplier and confirm arrangements

  • If you have already purchased toppers, please ensure Lyn has seen or at least had dimensions for these so they are worked perfectly into your design

  • Wedding consultations are available for all Wedding Cakes. If you would like to include flavour tasting at your consultation, this service is available at as cost of £20 and is refundable against orders over £350 (not including set up and delivery)

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