lynda lake

From as since as I can remember I have adored making cakes! I have my mum to thank for that - she taught me to bake cakes in the same way her mum, my grandma had taught her to. Before I knew it I was hooked!  I began baking Victoria Sponges for my biggest fan (my dad), my teachers, friends and family at every opportunity. 

Whenever there was an opportunity to bake a cake I was there with a cake and a smile and gained immense pleasure at seeing people enjoying a slab of home-baked cake.  

My dad was my biggest fan and I used to whip up a Victoria Sponge in minutes so it was only right to use his nickname for me, 'Loopy Lyn'. When I met my husband he loved my cakes and he has been a massive support and chief taste - tester since the beginning. He became my new excuse to bake and I then started decorating my cakes too, my first decorated cake being an AFC Bournemouth Cherries, Cherry and Vanilla Cake!

Although I'm taking a break from my little business, I may add some recipes or tips in the future but for now I am enjoying spending more time bringing up my two little cake bakers in the making, my two girls!

Lyn xx

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